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You’ll notice the difference immediately: in the purr of your engine and in your automobile’s performance and handling when you hit the road. At K&S Associates, we don’t just promise you superior service, we deliver it.

This is evident in the personal attention you receive whenever you bring your car in for service. K&S Associates has an entirely different way of working on your car than most dealers and other mechanics.

  • We hire mechanics that truly know your make and model of car: inside and out.
  • We pay our mechanics hourly instead of flat rate. That means we never rush, just to get to the next car.
  • It’s worth repeating: our mechanics are well paid and have benefits. They focus on your car, determining its needs or problems, and take the necessary time to make sure the job is done right.
  • Furthermore, we always check for routine maintenance needs or signs of any potential problem that can be easily and inexpensively avoided.

At K&S Associates, our customers will tell you; we are known for our ability to find the real problem and fix it, usually on the first visit. This spares you the need to keep bringing your car back and paying for needless parts and service. We want to keep you as a customer, and that means doing everything possible to assure your 100% satisfaction!

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